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The name "ElMadina" is inspired by the Alexandrian poet, Cavafy’s poem “The City”

Founded in 2000 - Egypt. ElMadina Arts since then Support dissemination of innovative experiences in Arts and culture fields, including the support of digital transformation in the mentioned fields.

ElMadina Arts designs high-quality projects and programs in production, training and business models, as well as research, resources and tools.

ElMadina seeks to empower women, youth, artists and professional actors to develop in the artistic and cultural sectors, especially those linked to social and public space issues.

ElMadina operates in a spirit of cooperation, communication and networking, extending to Africa, the Mediterranean region and America. ElMadina is interested in engaging communities, especially the disadvantaged areas, to contribute to a vibrant system of pluralism, diversity and freedom of expression.

Our Story and Milestones

Since 2000

By the end of the 1990s there were no independent artists in Alexandria, and the means of production were restricted under the control of government agencies.

The term “entrepreneurship” was non-existent, there was not even one experience that was considered to be a copyrightable model, and so ElMadina Arts was founded in 2000. ElMadina considers art to be an interactive formula between different fields of arts, and seeks to transform intercultural dialogue into concrete activity – to try to discover new spaces in artwork – to create a method of work that develops the artist socially and technically. This required much research and development and resources shared by all.

ElMadina is working to provide infrastructure for the development of the art market, both in performing arts and digital arts, in connection with the social and public space issues. Therefore, it has directed various projects and programs, taking into consideration the regional cooperation with international, regional and local partners. This association is interested in networking and supporting ElMadina’s artistic and cultural community.

After January 2011, the revolution began on the streets; The masses were practicing freedom together and creating new techniques of expression in peaceful ways. It was essential for the street to be researched and discovered again by artists, and for a future vision of art on the street and its continuity as an authentic art space.

The attempt to spread art among non – expert groups and make it available to ordinary people to practice it as part of their lives. ElMadina also produced various performances and provided a lot of working methods and resources in the social theater.

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Since 2000, ElMadina Arts has contributed to the independent theatre movement and has developed more normal and acceptable conditions for it, particularly in Alexandria. Taking into consideration the development of work in the performing arts sector, ElMadina created (Studio ElMadina) as a model for managing artists’ spaces. It is the first unique space of its kind for production and training in all fields of arts, enabling a large number of young artists to develop their work and train in managing similar places and creating other places.

Moreover, ElMadina participated and organized sessions from the Independent Theatre Festival in Alexandria in collaboration with the Henegar Centre in Cairo. In recent years, ElMadina has produced theater productions belonging to the independent theater movement, and multilingual theater performances. In addition to exhibitions which are research and space-processing based.

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