Carnival Theater

It’s the future theatre, in which everyone can participate. It’s a theatre where everyone is considered an artist. It also takes into account the environment, cultural and religious pluralism, respect for local cultures and global human rights. It helps us to express our feelings, increases our ability to grasp reality, enables us to open a dialogue with people around us, encourages social success and leads the way to positive social change.

A new approach that allows innovation, combines different types of art in alternative spaces, and anyone with a group can do it. It offers solutions for social issues and benefits from this in cultural diversity and supports gender equality. Carnival Theatre targets minorities and marginalized areas. and it targets cultural groups such as; (Nubians, Bedouins, etc.) and youth’s groups, women, children, etc. In addition to artists, social workers and psychologists. It all takes place within an atmosphere of joy and interaction with the surrounding community. and celebratory environment for both, performers and spectators.

Society will love this carnival group. and will be able to understand its own cultural values. It will benefit from this carnival group’s view of reality and will engage performers in an open dialogue.

  • In Streets
  • Open Spaces
  • Halls
  • Theatres

Carnival Theatre believes that it’s everybody’s right to participate in an artistic experience despite what one thinks about one’s own capabilities! Carnival Theatre will reveal the fact that one could have unlimited capacities! Anyone in a group and is interested in innovation and societal change will be able, through Carnival Theatre, to have an artistic experience in self-expression, and evoke an atmosphere of joy anywhere.

  • Create your group!
  • Choose a social issue!
  • Find a space for training!
  • Choose places for performing, particularly in streets and open spaces.
  • Arrange everything with the neighborhoods, and coffee shops owners. Or arrange it with a Civil Society Association or with a youth center.
  • Don’t forget to inform responsible authorities with the shows’ schedules and places.
  • If you are ready to participate! Hurry and create a group with your friends, and get ready to be from The Carnavalieen!
  • Don’t hesitate to reach us out, if you needed help!

Street Carnival
(Women and Nubia)

All Around Egypt


Street Carnival
(Sub-Saharan Migrants)

Casablanca, Morocco


Street Carnival
(Bel Shamy)

Alexandria, Egypt


Street Carnival
(Future Theatre)

Ramallah, Palestine


Preparation Camp

Creative Meetings

Evaluation Meetings

Tour 1 - Greater Cairo Region

Tour 2 - Upper Egypt Region

Tour 3 - Delta and Suez Canal Region

Tour 4 - Alexandria Region

Carnival in Casablanca

Carnival - Syrian Edition

Carnival in Ramallah Summer Festival


Crew and Teamwork

Theory of the Carnival

The Training Guide of Carnival Theater