Vacancies and Calls

Tikeya (Artist Residency) - 5th Round

Tikeya Art Residency Open Call 5th ROUND We are pleased....

Tikeya - Art Residency | 3rd Round

ElMadina Arts is looking for performers in (story-comedy-dance-physical theater) who have a desire to produce ideas and programs on the Internet, in order to develop their presence on various electronic platforms and create new opportunities for their expression. We will do multiple thinking at the level of storytelling - comedy - dance - physical theater. We will focus on developing ideas, learning technical skills, and how to collaborate with specialists in digital production. The stay will last for six days in Alexandria, from 10 to 15 December 2021.

Falafel Records | Vol.1
Falafel Records | Vol.1

El Madina Arts is looking for young voices, girls and women who have a desire to sing festivals to express themselves, their feelings, personal experiences and social issues of their interest. This is in order to participate in a workshop that will enable them to record the festival songs. The workshop will expand for 7 days in Alexandria from the 7th to the 13 th of October 2021. During the workshop, we will be able to record collectively (from 5-6 songs) and shoot them too.