Independent Theatre

SINCE 2000

ElMadina Arts has contributed to the independent theatre movement and has developed more normal and acceptable conditions for it, particularly in Alexandria. Taking into consideration the development of work in the performing arts sector, ElMadina created (Studio ElMadina) as a model for managing artists’ spaces.

It is the first unique space of its kind for production and training in all fields of arts, enabling a large number of young artists to develop their work and train in managing similar places and creating other places. Moreover, ElMadina participated and organized sessions from the Independent Theatre Festival in Alexandria in collaboration with the Henegar Centre in Cairo.

A number of diverse theatrical productions, characterized by the mixing of performing techniques and various forms of media, and multilingualism, were provided by ElMadina. According to critics, ElMadina presented global levels of theatrical production, and featured professional actors. ElMadina has produced a lot of artwork, theatrical work produced at the cultural centers of Alexandria and Cairo, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Theatre of El Henegar and the Theater of the American University in Cairo.

“As if you don’t care … As if you don’t care
It is as if life has not missed
It is as if people have not betrayed us
as if hearts have not been baptized
As if you don’t care … As if you don’t care”

In Loving Memory of

The Poet and Theatrical Director

Hamdy Salem