Free Art (Online Show)

The Free Art Show is an online show created by ElMadina Arts. It sheds light on the arts and artists outside the media field. Especially those related to society and its social issues. The show provides and explains technical tools and methods to enable young people to practice it freely without the need for traditional production structures. It is also known as artists who have different skills than what is prevalent. It gives models covering their work.

Season 1

The first season focuses on the experiences of ElMadina Arts. ElMadina’s experience spanned twenty-one years since 2000. The first season comes in 33 episodes. The first season was produced within the project of the African Forum for Social Theater. The show will be presented in the coming weeks. The episodes cover four topics:

Carnival Theater:

It is a theatrical method invented by the director Ahmed Saleh, and many people can practice it simply.

Training in the Street:

A method to collaborate with people in their neighborhoods and bring the arts into the public space.

Carnivalians’ Challenge:

Scenes from the various carnival theater performances are presented. And it was presented by many artists and ways of creativity in the carnival theater.


A strategy for creating natural spaces for the arts. and the development of the societal creative economy. The word SAWP is an abbreviation of the title (Spaces for Arts and Welfare and Progress).

Creative Team

Presented and Written by:

Ahmed Saleh

Executive Director:

Younis Hosney


Mohamed Antar

Editing, Mixing and VFX:

Abd El Rahman Nashed

Editing and Color Correction:

Mina Nabil

Make-up Artist:

Sarah Youssef


Sameh Fawzy

Production Assistant:

Mohamed Hosny


Hazem Al Gereedy

Graphic and VFX:

Shehab Ismail

English Translation:

Roaa Essam

French Translation:

Heba Radwan

Documentary Materials:

Shehab Ismail
Kirllos Yousif
Omar Adel

Musical Openers and Credit:

ElMadina Arts:
Ahmed Abd El Rasol – Akram Mostafa – Mohamed Salah – Momen Hassan
Wooshing Machine: Gaëtan Bulourde

The Training Guide of Carnival Theater

Carnival Tales (The Grand and The Streets)


SAWP – Karmus Culture Walks