The Gentleman Caller (Theatrical Film)

“We live in the same family, but none of us speaks the same language”

The Gentleman Caller is a theatrical film in four languages (Arabic, French, Spanish and English). The Gentleman Caller is based on the Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, with the participation of artists from different backgrounds and nationalities. The film is produced by ElMadina Arts, in association with FigLeaf Studio, with the supported of the U.S. Consulate General in Alexandria.

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The Wingfield family lives in the U.S, where diverse cultures and ethics exist. Tom Wingfield is a young aspiring writer who speaks Arabic. He dreams of traveling the world, but he has had to work in a shoe factory to support his family ever since his father abandoned them. His mother, Amanda, who speaks French, tries to convince Tom to bring home a groom for his sister Laura, who speaks Spanish. Tom succeeds in finding a gentleman caller, and here the surprise comes.


Ahmed Mostafa (Egypt) as Tom

Yolanda Hurtado (Spain) as Amanda

Marialuisa Burgos (Mexico – USA) as Lora

Paul Spera (France – USA) as Jim


Directed by

Ahemd Saleh

Produced by

Mohab Saber

Editing & Color Correction

Mina Nabil


Ahmed Abd El Rasol / Youssef Nour (Egypt)

Video Art

Stephane Pachot (France)

Sound Recording

Monir Wagih

Sound Design and Mixing

Michael Fawzy / Raef (Egypt)

Set Design

Ahmed Saleh / Maher Sherif (Egypt)

Light Design

Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt)


Kariem Saleh (Egypt)

Graphic and VFX

Shehab Ismail (Egypt)

Translation into Arabic

Khaled Raouf (Egypt)

Assistant Director Director

Ayman El Gohary (Egypt)

Soundtracks and Songs

  • Awel Mara Theb Ya Alby (Mounir Mourad)
  • Tel’et Ya Mahla Nourha (Sayed Drawish)
  • Hello Mr. Oconor (Marialuisa Burgos & Ahmed Abd El Rasol)
  • I Am A Pirate King (Gilbert & Sullivan)
  • La Vie En Rose (Louis Armstrong)

Editing & Sound Mixing

Mark Lotfy / Sameh Nabil