Four Walls

A performance forum for unequipped room performances, to find creative solutions, create alternative exhibition spaces, and present artworks that reconsider events within the framework of social changes and formulate them in artistic forms. The artistic product may be (Theatrical Performance, Storytelling, Open Microphone, Stand-Up Comedy, Dance, …). The forum took place in November 2012 and included six presentations, a technical session, and a workshop on (writing projects and building the audience) that lasted for four days. On the sidelines of the meeting, dialogue sessions were organized under the title (Constitution of Alexandria).

Participating Activities:

  • Theatrical Performance: The Night of the President’s Election – Mohamed Yousry – Abdel Salam Abdel Jalil
  • Theatrical Show: The Night of the President’s Election – Monodrama – Written and Acting / Mohamed Yousry – Directed by / Abdel Salam Abdel Jalil
  • The Time of Original Art: a session with the historian Wajih Nadi
  • Theatrical Show: Al-Manadasa – Al-Madina for Arts – Written by / Khalaf Ali Al-Khalaf – Acting/ Louise Abdel Karim – Directed by/ Ahmed Saleh
  • Theatrical Performance: Frankly speaking – Salah Al-Sayeh
  • Theatrical Performance: More than 11 – Noah’s Ark – Directed / Osama El Shahawy
  • Theatrical Performance: Al-Khanaziz – Jusoor Troupe – Directed by: Ibrahim Abdo
  • Theatrical Performance: Alcohol-free – Independent Art Room – Directed by/Mohamed Abdel Wahed

Project Writing workshop

Project writing and audience building workshop: With the participation of 10 initiatives and five facilitators specialized in administration and media, this workshop took place over three days.

Dostur ya Alexandria

Dostur Ya Alexandria is a number of artists, social actors, and lawyers met to discuss and formulate cultural policies for the city of Alexandria and presented wonderful papers and discussions.

Performances and Workshop

dostur ya Alexandria

How much is the metre in motherland ?!!

In Loving Memory of

The Greatest Storyteller of Alexandria

Salah El Sayeh

- The brat of the city of salt -

“The Revolution before the Revolution”
Storytelling Performance by Salah El Sayeh, Part of Four Walls