Completed Projects


Equal In Med

Equal in Med is a project implemented by the Bokra Sawa association in Marseille, supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program, in partnership with three structures: ElMadina Arts (Egypt), Fanni Raghman Anni (Tunisia) and National Museums of World Culture (Sweden). It addresses gender equality in the cultural sector in south Mediterranean countries.


Shamshar Youth Digital Empowerment

Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan governorates acquire digitally equipped community spaces where young artists, educators, and children develop skills. Working collectively on group projects through summer schools and year-long workshops, young people use visual expression, sound, music, video and computing as tools for community engagement.

This project was developed by Drosos in partnership with ADEF | Arab Digital Expression Foundation and ElMadina Arts in collaboration with Torraha Art and Society Foundation

Visual and Digital Arts Trainers:
Muhamed Ramzy – Ahmed Galal – Shehab Ismail

Sound and Music Trainers:
Dahlia GalalAhmed Abd El RasoulShadwa Ali

Video and Filmmaking Trainers:
Kirlos Yussef – Mohamed Al Kateb – Mohamed Sofara

Visual and Digital Arts

Sound and Music

Video and Filmmaking

Graduation Exhibition


The Safe City

Under the title “Safe City”, a series of dialogues on peacebuilding and confronting harassment and discrimination, presented through this project, an awareness campaign was presented through a workshop and seminars. Also, a workshop for the art of comics was presented, and its output was a number of comic stories drawn by a group of the most important Alexandrian painters in comics, and they were included in one book later. This is in addition to an interactive theater workshop, which resulted in the presentation of two theatrical performances in public spaces in Alexandria and its suburbs.

This project was developed by British Council and Generation for Peace (Jordan) and ElMadina Arts (Egypt), in collaboration with  Torraha Art and Society Foundation (Egypt) and Gwana for Arts (Egypt)

Advocacy Campaign

Comics Workshop

Interactive Theater Workshop


Live it by Art

Performances, Workshops and Celebrations

(Live it by Art) is a program that works on the importance of showing the arts as part of our daily life, and provides a model for teamwork and a space for solidarity in order to spread arts and culture, where fourteen institutions, initiatives and independent artistic teams participated, and urged young people and children to learn arts and develop their skills through it, and the program lasted for almost a month (From 1 to 26 Jun 2014), and all the activities held at Studio ElMadina.

The program included workshops for teaching acting and storytelling, puppet making, creative writing, sound engineering, music distribution, film making and cinema decoration, teaching caricature, teaching the art of comics, photography, collage, sculpture and accessory making using wood and copper pieces, and teaching Salsa, tango and hip-hop. In addition to theatrical and lyrical performances and shows of some independent films, followed by discussion sessions with their makers.

This project was developed by ElMadina Arts in collaboration with Torraha Art and Society Foundation (Egypt)


Is it for men?

Workshops, Performances and Concerts

A week (From 13 to 18 September 2014) of artistic events and week-long workshops that celebrate women’s leadership and responsibility. This project is developed by ElMadina Arts in collaboration with  Torraha Art and Society Foundation – Goanna for Art and Development – Space Crew – Nob Heritage Association – Lilith Publishing House – Torath Project – Iskandarella Foundation – Shadow Theater Troupe.

Workshops and Activities:

  • Drawing and collage workshop on T-shirts.
  • Garment recycling workshop.
  • Dance workshop with girls with Angie Adel.

Theatrical Performances:

  • (Gamaa Mo’anath Salem) for Goanna Troupe.
  • (Tartshaet Shams) for the Shadow Theatrical Troupe.
  • Storytelling by Hind Abdel Salam.
  • A Nubian day about Nubian women and their leadership roles, organized by Nob Heritage Association.
  • A seminar on contemporary fashion.
  • Two concerts at the opening and closing for Goanna Band and Torath Project.



A Contemporary Dance Educational Action to Egypt

ElMadina Arts participated in the Contemporary Dance events from October to December 2014. This is within the framework of the “Seeds” project, a project launched by the Arts Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in partnership with the British Council in Egypt, and with the support of the European Union delegation to Egypt. In cooperation with international experts and a wide network of local cultural institutions, it implements the “Seeds” program.

Through this project, ElMadina Arts provided 3 workshops:

  • Contemporary Dance Workshop with Social Activists

Where the contemporary dance trainer will work with women who are social activists, or those who work with the community in general (such as social workers and psychologists, working with street children, teachers, women who adopt social issues), whose age ranges between 20 to 40 years old.

  • Contemporary Dance Workshop (XLarge)

Where two contemporary dance instructors will work with women and girls who believe that their weight prevents them from dancing, or to change the prevailing social notion of beauty standards for women, whose age ranges from 16 to 30 years.

  • Contemporary Dance Workshop for Theater Actors

In this workshop, actors were introduced to tools for movement and performance through dance. Through movement exercises and improvised formations, we will work on using the body and the text in a different way to allow broader horizons of expression.



Alexandria Forum for Independent Theater & Contemporary Arts

An independent non-profit initiative, based in Alexandria, taken by two artists from the independent theater movement in Alexandria “Ahmed Saleh and Adel Abd El Wahab“. The Forum works on the creation of a base of dialogue between the independent theater groups in Alexandria and the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, making it the first of its kind, and we have chosen Alexandria as an address mainly because of its history, important heritage and meaning of the meeting between Mediterranean and Europe and co-existence among cultures, as we believe that theater is a space for cooperation and understanding and not for competition.

The forum works also on the documentation of the independent movement and collects all studies & related articles. The forum will create a space for training and contemporary theater as well. Alexandria Forum for Independent Theater isn’t coming to replace the really existing independent groups, organizations or any entity, but on the contrary, seeks to complement existing initiatives , build synergies among themselves, form partnerships, provide services, support communication, develop the independent theater center and support the theater and contemporary arts.

Constituent program of the Forum (from September 2010 to February 2011)

This program aims to establishing the forum and incorporation of independent groups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and all who works in theater in Alexandria in a training program between 2010/2011.


    • Forum’s discussion meetings
      • First meeting: introduce the forum and its targets, for theater artists and organizations.
      • Second meeting: training needs, for directors and writers.
      • Third meeting: training needs, for actors and directors and acting trainer.
      • Fourth meeting: training needs, for technicians and administrators.
    • Forum’s Constituent workshop
      Cultural management workshop
      Trainer: Nora Amin (Egypt)

The International Training Program (from September 2010 to February 2011)

This program comes in the framework of the Forum, which includes training programs and production and touring. The training program is number of training workshops in a long-term training (10 to 14 days for each workshop), the aim of those workshops is to fill the training needs of the demobilized Alexandrian in particular.


  • Acting for professional theater actors
    Trainer: Nora Amin (Egypt)
  • Multiple experiences for actors
    Trainer: Driss Roukhe (Morocco)
  • Artistic project writing workshop
    Trainer: Christina Range (Germany)

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