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Tikeya: Nomadic Research and Networking Residency


Tikeya is an initiative developed and coordinated by ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts (Alexandria, Egypt) in collaboration with CeRCCa Centre de Recercai Creacio Casamarles (Barcelona, Spain)

Tikeya is to engage with the old Arabian tradition of Caravanserai. A tradition that enforced multicultural exchange through travel, networking and self-reflexivity. As in the old Caravanserais, Tikeya will move from site to site and will involve a strong component of networking based in visits and informal encounters with the different members of the social and cultural contexts of Alexandria, Cairo and Siwa Oasis.

This project is mainly for participants from outside Egypt. However, anyone are welcome to join Tikeya. This opportunity for all manner of creative people such as and not exclusive (Artists, Curators, Writers, Social Scientists, Musicians, Cultural Researchers, Craft Professionals, Anthropologists, Astronomers, Geologists, Performers, Urban Planners, Architects, Environmental Scientists and Humanists).

Tikeya is not a production-based residency. To develop a project will be entirely up to the participant. The only thing required though will be to create a self-reflexive Artists Book/Travel Journal. This (Artist Book/Travel Journal) can be in any from like writing, drawing, photography, calligraphy or video and performance or a mix of all of this. The only condition is that your experience can be compiled in the format of a book.

Duration & Itinerary

Tikeya Nomadic and Residency Project is for a month, it will be start in Alexandria (10 Days), Cairo (10 days), Siwa Oasis (5 Days) and back to Alexandria again (5 Days).

    • Alexandria (10 Day): Welcome Meeting, Networking & Documentation.
    • Cairo (10 Days): Networking and Documentation.
    • Siwa Oasis (5 Days): Recreation and reflexively.
    • Alexandria (5 Days): Final Public Presentation and/or Exhibition.[/tab]

Activities List

  • Open Studio: During the residency period in Alexandria, all residents are welcome to participate or coordinate or documenting in any of the activities which happening at the studio.
  • Networking Visits and Meetings: Visits to galleries, spaces, archives, studios and other places of interest to art professionals
    • Alexandria:
      • Gudran Art and Development.
      • Agora for Contemporary Arts.
      • ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts.
      • Janaklees Visual Studio.
      • Teatro Alexandria.
      • Viewfinders Photography Club.
    • Cairo:
      • Townhouse.
      • Contemporary Image Collective.
      • Darb 1718 – Artelewa.
      • El Warsha Theater.
  • Final Presentation: At the end of the residency period, it is required to do a final public presentation, installation or an exhibition at Studio ElMadina. The outcome of the residency will be a unique artwork made by creative individuals or collective working in different disciplines and formats. In addition, the Artistic Book that will reflect on the contemporary social and cultural scene Egypt.

Fees & Expenses includes

  • Transportation between Alexandria, Cairo and Siwa Oasis.
  • Accommodation in Alexandira, Cairo and Siwa Oasis.
  • Two Meals per day (Breakfast and Dinner).
  • A copy of your Artists Book of Tikeya.

In case you are thinking to apply for funding, we would be more than happy to provide you with an invitation letter after acceptance as well as some resources for culture mobility funds. You can find a list of funding possibilities at On the Move, Transartists, Roberto Ciemetta Fund and Culture Resources (AlMawred Althaqafy).[/tab]


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