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Studio ElMadina

Studio ElMadina is an open space for free expression which provides training programs, residencies, meeting space and performance’s venue for independent groups and youth initiatives. The project aims to promote performing arts and multimedia for wider audience to enable the youth group’s sustainability to support the creative economy of culture which can play an influential rule in the sustainable development, human rights and social change.

Through capacity building for youth groups by training programs, exchanging experience and networking. the Space consists of several programs such as (Support Program) which is providing space for training or meetings and (Your Studio) program for freelance trainers in addition of training programs for new generation, and providing equipped venues for performing arts, multimedia, exhibitions, networking and residency.

Support & ServicesYour StudioFacilities

The studio provides equipped spaces for several artistic activities, which can be rented for cheap prices and supported by (ElMadina for Performing and digital Arts. And also provides administration and cultural consultations for artists and small institutions.

Support requests is received by a specified application and before enough time from the beginning of the activity (three days minimum) in the studio or on the application form on the website by sending an email, and the institution has the right to accept or refuse the application or ask for further information about the activity that were not provided in the application and answer within three days to the application. And in case of refusing the application the institution is not requested to give reasons.

  • Cinema Production: Support independent cinema production by offering an equipped space for audition and internal shooting. Which are counted as a full day work in the studio (8 hours only).
  • Theatrical Production: Support theatrical productions and independent projects by offering a space for training with a supported price for a not more than three hours duration per day for each artist, group or band. Defining the decent space is up to the institution and according to the number of participants and applied program. The support does not differ from one space to another all spaces coast are the same.
  • Meetings & Workshops: Meetings, artistic and cultural workshops and what’s connected to them by offering an equipped space for them, taking into consideration that the support units is allowed for three hours per event.
  • Consultants: Cultural consultations on writing projects’ proposals or marketing or strategic planning.

Booking & Inquiries:

  • Address: 8 Talaat Harb (Al Gawazat) St., Downtown, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Telephone: +203 4875818
  • Email:

An initiative from “ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts” to give the opportunity for local trainers  and independent groups, and encourage them to establish their studios without bearing administration and financial burdens.

ElMadina encourages interns with artistic and diverse abilities to establish training studio, that gives them the freedom of administrating their work  and bring their abilities to reality, and develop their ability of training others.

This initiative supports trainers administration and artistic wise to word their work and trains them to run it, and helps them to get a financial income out of it, and enables them to establish and run their own spaces in the future.

Booking & Inquiries:

  • Address: 8 Talaat Harb (Al Gawazat) St., Downtown, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Telephone: +203 4875818
  • Email:

The total space of 400 square meters:

  • Four multipurpose spaces with wooden floors:
    • Space A (40M2)
    • Space B (35M2)
    • Space C (25M2)
    • Space D (50M2).
  • Two offices for ElMadina Staff.
  • Large sitting reception.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Dressing room.
  • Two bathrooms.

Available Equipment:

  • WIFI Internet Connection
  • Photocopying Machine
  • 1 Epson Video Projector
  • Four small CD and Mp3 Players
  • 40 Metal Chairs
  • 8 Wooden Tables (120cm×60cm)
  • Ten Multipurpose Ramps:
    • Four (122cm×244cm) 60cm High
    • Two (61cm×244cm) 40CM High
    • Two (60cm×60cm) 40cm High
    • Two (61cm×122cm) 20cm High
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