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04 - 05 Dec 2015


4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Theater Performance Audition

Uniting the Mediterranean Seas


What happens when six actors from six mediterranean countries are exchanging their unique stories?
What happens when these performers meet over the course of three years to share their different past and dream of a common future?
What happens when the meeting place is a shipwreck stranded in a harbour?
In this devised project, titled UNITING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA all of these amazing aizing questions will be answered on a floating theatre stage at Paphos Harbour in Cyprus as a part of the cultural programming of Paphos 2017 Cultural Capital of Europe.
The countries involved will be represented by six actors . The project will involve Paphos ( Cyprus) ,Egypt ( Alexandria) Turkey ( Istanbul) Morocco ( city not decided yet ) Spain ( Barcelona) Italy ( Bari) .The rest of the Mediterranean countries not mentioned will be honoured throughout the performance.
it is important to mention that the piece will not be political and will not go in directions of wounds that hurt but on the contrary it will go in a completely positive direction as far as promoting the idea of one sea ,one love.

This sight specific theatre project is devised into several stages. Starting by auditioning actors from the north,south,east and west of the Mediterranean ,a week of individual interviews and improvisations with the selected actors ( basic and understudy) will follow in the home country of each actor. In the case of Egypt its Alexandria
its important to note the importance of what the above paragraph describes . The actors chosen ( basic actor and an understudy ) will have to have some time in Alexandria available for a period of one week right after the audition as described in the above paragraph. There is no demand on the time of meetings meetings as the schedules will be arranged around the availability of the Egyptian actors.
The second stage marks the first encounter of all six performers in the island of Cyprus.-the beginning of an intense and exciting period sharing methodology and rehearsals with the Director ( Marios Ioannou) and the whole Artistic Team.( 20th of August until 5th of September)
While the first two stages just described focus on the collection of material based on themes of identity,mobility,history and a possible proposition of a common future,the final phase will reunite all actors again on a final staging performed for a local and international audience on the island ( August 2017)

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Actors are requested to speak English ( does not have to be perfect ) but at a level where they can build improvisational text and ages required between 25 to 45.

The event is finished.