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First Edition


  • House of Tales Workshop
    • Trainer: Mohamed Abd El Fatah (Egypt).
    • Summary: Writing and telling and presenting it in Alexandria streets and in the new television channel (El Tahrir) House of tales program.
  • Theater of Participation
    • Trainers: Hossam Elazazy (Egypt), Francesco Cabozodo (Spain).
    • Summary: This depends on extracting ideas from people around their historical and political concepts to be linked with dramatic playing and environmental materials and to be performed in street or square. Presenting the concepts in theatrical type and open discussion to the audience about those concepts through the live participation in the performance and redrafting it.
  • Multimedia Workshop
    • Trainers: Alexandre Cubizolles (France), Emad Farouk (Egypt).
    • Co-leader: Hattem Hassan (Egypt).
    • Summary: This workshop propose the participants ( 15 persons from Alexandria and Cairo) to follow the process of managing a multimedia performance in public space, integrating aspects of: writing and shouting for and with the spaces and habitants, scenography with architecture outside event, control technical and multimedia rules in matter of screening.

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