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Emad Farouk Egypt

Art Director, Multimedia Designer and scenographer, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1988, worked as an assistant to the artist Salah Marei , studio director at the Egyptian television, now he is an artistic director at Advances company. Produce many of individual and group exhibitions in photography inside and outside Egypt.

Khaled Raouf Egypt

Actor, trainer and translator. worked as an actor for cinema and theater in Greece and participated in Drama school in USA. PHD in art history from Chicago University. Returned back from 16 years out of Egypt on 2008 translated some books from Greek to Arabic language.

Amany Mabrouk Egypt

Holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, Working as a décor engineer at Alexandria Opera House. Fine Artists member and works in the field of paintings since 2000 until now. She trained many workshops at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Participated in many exhibitions in Egypt and its goods are acquired by many people inside and outside Egypt.

Matthias Haeberlen Germany

After training as biological farmer, he studied acting, clowning and theater pedagogic at The Theater Academ. Worked in several theaters in Germany, also he trained hundreds of rebel clowns who went to Heiligendamm, where in 2007 a G8 summit was of the eight most powerful countries. For Matthias the clown is the one and only really free person in the world.

Heleen van Gigch Netherlands

Graduated from Codarts in Rotterdam, and has been creating and performing with Erik Kaiel’s company arch8 ever since. She has also worked with prominent Dutch companies and choreographers such as Station Zuid, Northern Nederlands Dance, Wubke Kindersma, Piet Rogie, and Arno Schuitemaker.

Erik Kaiel USA

He studied in New York, earning a university degree in Critical Theory & Cultural Studies, and then a Master’s degree at New York University. Working as a dancer, choreographer, and cultural organizer. He and his dancers and have been asked to teach workshops and make performances in Benin, Senegal, Cairo, Istanbul, St.Petersburg, and cities throughout Western Europe.

Hans Sträter Netherlands

Studied graphic design at the Academy of Amsterdam. He fell in love with rebel clowning in 2005 when rebel clowns were part of colorful protests during the G8-summit in Gleneagles in Scotland. In October 2012 he organized the first ‘Rebel Clown Army’ mission in Egypt. He gave several presentations about rebel clowning and creative activism in the Netherlands and Germany.

Annet Hanneman Italy

Director, actress and co-founder of Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theater (Volterra, Italy). Works in theater since 1974 as a Drama Therapist, Teacher and worked as an Actress & director in prisons and schools. She present performances in Turkish, Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, India, United States, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France and other.

Hossam El Azazy Egypt

A television director and playwright, he is one of the few trainers of pantomime in Egypt. Studied theater at the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, worked in the Egyptian television as a director. received many awards and has done many rounds around the world as an actor and trained many of the famous actors in Egypt.

Mohamed Abl El Wahed Egypt

Theater artist and one of the founders of the independent art room, work as actor and director in the private sector and independent theater worked as an assistant to Galal AlSharqawy for ten years. Characterized by a particular style in storytelling combines heritage, folk singing and folk tales.

Mostafa Fatouh Egypt

Theater director and one of the founders of Gwana for arts group has several interactive theatrical experiences related to social topics, international trainer for trainers in the field of interactive theater and reproductive health since 2007. Adopted as a trainer of several international organizations at the United Nations as UNFPA.