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Theater Reportage Workshop Open Call

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ElMadina for Performing & Digital Arts and Teatro Di Nascosto in collaboration with Gandhi Peace CenterRegional Government of Tuscany, Provincial Government of Pisa and Al Amal University of Baghdad – School of Fine Arts are announcing about the call for participation in Theater Reportage Workshop. Which will be from Saturday 8 to Friday 28 February 2014 in Alexandria, Egypt.

If you are interesting in participating, download the application and send it back with your personal photo and C.V. No later than 5 February 2014, to the following e-mail:


Download Call of Participation PDFDownload TRW Application Form

Development of theater reportage, uniting theater and journalism to tell the true stories of people who do not have a voice. the white action of theater reportage with actors of Alexandria to tell the stories and dreams of people of Alexandria we will choose together as we will choose the place where to tell, people to be worked and/or stayed with.

Thinking also how to tell these stories, eventually, to an occidental audience, trying to bring together the different cultures, to give voice to the ones who have no voice, to the ones that live oppression, great poverty. Telling the true stories of people in theater reportage, should be done on real experience, not on a interviews, but by being and living together with the people, sharing the good and the bad, the culture, the music, the food.

“The dream lottery” is part of the project “On the road” of Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theater, that aims to create a long term study for theater reportage for young actors of the Middle East and west. Also this project is developing while travelling, living together and working in the countries where people live poverty, oppression, war, violence… bringing the stories to western countries and not only. For the theater reportage the work will be towards a final “Dream lottery” that will be performed in Volterra, Italy (where Teatro di Nascosto is based), and the Youth Theater Festival in Grenoble in France. While working concretely with theater reportage meetings will be going on with Universities, Theaters, and Foundations.

First part: (Two weeks)

The training of a group of actors, directors, animators, with the basic elements of theatre reportage: training of the body, voice, mind, improvisations. It is a concentrated intensive training which includes the work of building up characters/ stories empathizing with the real stories of people. The creation of a theater reportage performance, deciding together with the participants in the two neighborhoods will be involved in the next step with field visits and meeting with the people, spending time there. A basic story will be build up, with music, songs, texts, that in the second part of the performance will be performed in the different neighborhoods. Characters will be developed and a story with open spaces that can be filled with stories of people of different neighborhoods. And will work with the problems that came out in April 2013 (1st phase), like for example the aggression of many children and the young adults of Kom El Dekka.

Second part: (One week)

The trained participants will start to work in two different neighborhoods working on a performance to be plaid under the guidance of Annet Henneman, who will follow up with them and have daily moments of work, going through what are happening, the new stories, and the problems of the neighborhoods and so on. A final performance consisting in different “chapters” to be performed in the different neighborhoods in the last days of the workshop. A final performance inside of all the chapters that can give the more intimate experience of a theater reportage performance, sharing in “intimacy” with a little audience, having a silent and quiet atmosphere.