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The Glass Menagerie

Posted in Theater

The Glass MenagerieTennessee Williams wrote this play influenced by the Great Depression in the 1930s which, by chance, resembles the current economic crisis. It is about a family of a mother, a son and a daughter that were abandoned by the father for an unknown reason. The son works in a shoes store to afford the family, despite his prominent talent as a poet and writer.

But due to the economic pressure, problems frequently rise between the son and his mother. On the other hand, the mother feels worried about the future of her daughter who cannot mingle with people as she feels shy of an old unnoticeable handicap in her feet. So, the mother is afraid of not having a suitable groom. This family speaks three languages; the mother speaks French, the daughter speaks Spanish and the son speaks Arabic.

However, when the son accompanies home a friend who speaks English, and he is a possible groom also, they all do their best to speak English with him. Multimedia in this performance will present the particular world of the daughter as she loves the glass menagerie. The performance discusses the idea of globalization and the hopelessness to deal by our national culture. This family remains coherent although the problems they faced and the different languages that everybody talks and maintained everyone on his own identity. But when they deal by one language this family will collapse.

  • Director: Ahmed Saleh
  • Acting: Ahmed Mostafa , Yolanda Hurtado, Khaled Raouf and Isabel Perez
  • Music: Ramez Ahraf
  • Multimedia: Marc Almodovar
  • Photography: Sergi Cardona
  • Assistant director: Marlene Lucur
  • Executive Director: Mohab Saber