Ahmed Saleh

Executive Director

Born on 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt. Gained a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Alexandria, 2002. He founded ElMadina Arts Association in 2000 with which he led many cultural projects in Egypt and the Mediterranean region, and ran several training programs in performing arts.

Heba Radwan



Maher Sherif


The storyteller, book illustrator, researcher and theatre interior designer Maher Sharif, was born in Alexandria in 1963. He has a law degree from University of Alexandria and worked for a long period of time as a lawyer. He started working as a fulltime writer since the mid-1990s.


Shehab Ismail

Communication Officer

Born December 28th, 1987 in Alexandria, Egypt. he received a degree in Library and Information Science – Faculty of Arts – University of Alexandria. He has been working in fields of visual, digital arts since 2002. He worked with many clients in Egypt, UAE, KSA and Europe. Moreover, he participated with his works in various exhibitions, art installations, workshops, conferences and live performances in Egypt, Croatia, Spain, Jordan.


Roaa Serag

Interpreter and Projects’ Coordinator

Born on June 1998, Alexandria, Egypt. Hold a Bachelor of English Literature and Arts from Faculty of Arts- Alexandria University.  Worked as an illustration artist and interpreter. Worked in proofreading, had a part in game’s translation, and editing in Amman, Jordan (2020/2021).

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By the end of the 1990s there were no independent artists in Alexandria, and the means of production were restricted under the control of government agencies. The term “entrepreneurship” was non-existent, there was not even one experience that was considered to be a copyrightable model, and so….