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Son of The Need

Posted in Theater

Son of The NeedAfter the united soviet and the entry of the globalization era  a new relation has done between the worker and the employer . The performance talks about the changeable period and its reaction the sociological and the psychological face . that it talks about the life of one worker . and the performance talks about the alternative space such that bullring but with another face . it is a reason to the long fight between the workers and employers.

The performance talk about a worker that named kholio and his wife beronika that is sterile. In this changeable period she goes back like that reminiscence to talk about a different periods of kholio’s life and he personalized the employer . and also other persons that will be a part of the authority  in kholio’s life krods.

The performance depend on the movement and the light technician in the free part  and the modern acting that elmadina  group invented some of it . that we can say that is a special treatment but private to ElMadina

  • Director: Ahmed Saleh
  • Acting: Ahmed Saleh, Kareem Abdelnaeem, Heba Radwan and Hakem Abdelnaeem