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I Am an Immigrant

Posted in Theater

I Am an ImmigrantTheater Performance in Mediterranean languages A part of life or chosen lives, immigration is a checkpoint for everybody. Reasons are multiple but to immigrate is to start a trip where you know that you will be different after. “I’m an immigrant” is a trip invitation; it is a human endeavor of women and men who question our present mobility through their movements. The show deals with the question of immigration with all its transformations.

The performance will present in five languages Arabic, English, French, Italian and Greek, with texts of nine immigrant writers as Cavafy, Adrian Grima, James Nolan and others accompanied by music, singing and multimedia. The performance focus on another kind of immigration that might be the reason behind youth immigration the performance is reflecting different cultures that coexisted and made the Alexandria we know. It also focuses on the idea of free movement in the Mediterranean and the nostalgia to our past cities.

  • Director: Ahmed Saleh
  • Acting: Khaled Raouf, Shimaa Hamed, Heba Radwan and Mohab Saber
  • Multimedia: Mohamed Taman
  • Music: Mohamed Hosny
  • Assistant Director: Assia Milani