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Four Walls Festival

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Performing Arts inside a room

Performances, Training Workshops, Rounded Tables and Interactive Sessions

Four Walls is an attempt to revive presenting art in a room, to find a creative solution and finding alternative performing spaces.

We look forward to present performances that aim to re think the current satiation through the social changes and reformulate it in artistic forms that could be (Theater Performance, Story Telling, Open Mic, Stand Up Comedy, Dance, etc…)

The first edition was from 10th of November to 20th of November 2012.

The program conclude:

  • 10 Performances.
  • Creative and interactive workshop.
  • Writing Projects and Mass Base Configuration, that will take place for 4 days.
  • Round Table held under the title (Room Theater… How ? Where ? When ? Why ?).
  • Interactive session with the title (Toward an Alexandrian Cultural Constitution).


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