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Al Mondasa

Posted in Theater

Al MondasaTwo Facts and One Actress
Mono Drama Theater Play in 35 minutes

The performance runs into the imaginary world of the internet cyber and it seems like we or the performance itself takes us into a personal profile on the Facebook. Al Mondasa relation with the Syrian revolution started while she was living away from her homeland Syria when the terrible phase started there, and because the e-commissions of the system was able to monitor and gave her the title of AL MONDASA. So, she couldn’t go back home, her friend Hanan could go back because in the beginning she was against the revolution.

  • Acting: Louiz Abd ElKarim (Syria)
  • Text: Khalaf Ali Al Khalaf
  • Montage and Music execution: Shehab Hassan (Egypt)
  • Multimedia: Lamis Solyman (Egypt)
  • Director: Ahmed Saleh (Egypt)