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Alexandria Forum for Independent Theater & Contemporary Arts (AFIT)



An independent non-profit initiative, based in Alexandria, taken by two artists from the independent theater movement in Alexandria “Ahmed Saleh and Adel Abd El Wahab“.

The Forum works on the creation of a base of dialogue between the independent theater groups in Alexandria and the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, making it the first of its kind, and we have chosen Alexandria as an address mainly because of its history, important heritage and meaning of the meeting between Mediterranean and Europe and co-existence among cultures, as we believe that theater is a space for cooperation and understanding and not for competition.

The forum works also on the documentation of the independent movement and collects all studies & related articles. The forum will create a space for training and contemporary theater as well.

Alexandria Forum for Independent Theater isn’t coming to replace the really existing independent groups, organizations or any entity, but on the contrary, seeks to complement existing initiatives , build synergies among themselves , form partnerships , provide services, support communication, develop the independent theater center and support the theater and contemporary arts.

First Program

Constituent program of the Forum (from September 2010 to February 2011)

This program aims to establishing the forum and incorporation of independent groups, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and all who works in theater in Alexandria in a training program between 2010/2011.


  • Forum’s discussion meetings
    • First meeting: introduce the forum and its targets, for theater artists and organizations.
    • Second meeting: training needs, for directors and writers.
    • Third meeting: training needs, for actors and directors and acting trainer.
    • Fourth meeting: training needs, for technicians and administrators.
  • Forum’s Constituent workshop
    Cultural management workshop
    Trainer: Nora Amin (Egypt)

Second Program

The International Training Program (from September 2010 to February 2011)

This program comes in the framework of the Forum, which includes training programs and production and touring. The training program is number of training workshops in a long-term training (10 to 14 days for each workshop), the aim of those workshops is to fill the training needs of the demobilized Alexandrian in particular.


  • Acting for professional theater actors
    Trainer: Nora Amin (Egypt)
  • Multiple experiences for actors
    Trainer: Driss Roukhe (Morocco)
  • Artistic project writing workshop
    Trainer: Christina Range (Germany)
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